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  • Consultancy
  • Planning and Design
  • Installation
  • Sub Contracting
  • Service and Support
  • Office Moves and Changes
  • Network Maintenance
  • Network Health Check

Our Clients

Professional Data Cabling Contractors

Active Communication Company Limited (ACCL) are professional data cabling contactors that deliver exceptional results. Our organisation has stood at the top of the sector for 3 decades. Whatever task our engineers are faced with, they deliver on time and within the parameters of any agreement.

Cabling forms an integral part of the UK’s IT infrastructure. If work is carried out correctly problems are limited, cut corners and there will be issues. In regards to output, we have a clear mission statement.

‘Delivering exceptional results on a daily basis’.

If you are searching for a quality team of data cabling contractors, you should consider ACCL. Our organisation has been involved in a number of major tasks within the UK corporate, retail and education sectors, these include:

  • St David’s Shopping Centre Cardiff
  • Lilian Baylis Technology School
  • Oxford Brooks University
  • MF Global

Top quality data cabling contractors that fully understand the intricacies and complex nature of this sector as well as value engineering are hard to find. Our contractors are so experienced they have the versatility to become part of your team. They also bring a refreshing attitude, one that will add value to any task they are involved with.

At ACCL we are fully conversant with:

  • All types of cabling
  • Hardware
  • Health and Safety
  • European Standards

If you need more convincing on the merit of ACCL and the skill level of our data cabling contractors, please take a few moments to watch the two video clips below. Here you will see David Vaughan and Paul Surry talk about their relationships with our organisation. One of these tasks was a £1,200,000 project that revolved around the installation of 22,000 outlets over a 16 week period. This project formed part of a £14,000,000 office refurbishment task at MF Global European headquarters, Canary Wharf, London.

data cabling

Data Cabling - Why it's so important to get it right

The process of installing network cabling for structured networks is a highly complex task that must be completed by a qualified company. Any business which is looking to set up a network should be sure they've hired an expert cable installer so they can be sure that the network will function as intended. See why ACCL should be your first choice for data cabling.

fibre optic cabling

Fibre Optic Cabling - Beams of light that transmit data

Fibre optic or blown fibre optic cabling is the modern choice for high-demand communication networks, whether telecommunication or data transfer purposes. Transfer data using light at great speeds and with minimal signal degradation. See how ACCL can help you with installing a fibre optic network.

Structured cabling

Structured Cabling - Organise your data network

Structured cabling is essential to any data network, from the entrance point to the building, across each floor and up every level. Modern cabling networks are capable of handling calls, computer data, video, security systems and providing Ethernet connections. Let ACCL help you plan your structured cabling.

Telephone Systems

Telephone Systems - An easy choice with ACCL

A decisive factor in business success is the need to exchange information with customers, partners and your own staff. You need a telephone solution that will adapt rapidly to your requirements, ACCL will help provide you with the necessary competitive edge, have a look at what ACCL can offer with their office telephones systems.