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Project Management, the Key to a Successful Network Cabling Installation

Active Communication Company Limited (ACCL) is the UK’s leading supplier of network cabling installation services.

Once our organisation agrees to take on a specific role, we appoint a project manager to oversee all aspects of the task. These managers form the crucial link between a client and the workers on the ground.

Project Management

All our Prince II accredited project managers have a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience in dealing with all manner of appointments. They understand the most important elements essential to ensuring timescales are adhered too and budgets are met.

As your network cabling contractor it is our responsibility to build the strongest working relationship, one that will minimise disruption to other trades or anyone who is involved or affected by the project.


ACCL utilise pre and post sales design teams for proposed projects. These teams hold a wealth of experience and are fully conversant in working on design projects as well as liaising with 3rd party contractors or external groups.

Risk Management

Major risks relating to a proposed project will be identified, documented and passed on to all relevant parties prior to the commencement of work. The major risks in these projects are usually related to health and safety. These areas will be addressed and detailed risk assessments produced.


Communication is a vital element in all network cabling tasks. Our project managers will be responsible for any interactive discussions between main and 3rd party contractors.

Programme of Works

Our organisation will assist in the co-ordination of a project; this will help develop a schedule of work that suits all parties.

Site Meetings

Our project manager will attend all necessary site meetings to ensure full co-operation with the project and to receive updates on the rate of work and timescales.

Procurement of Materials

ACCL has developed a materials procurement methodology which will be closely monitored by the site project manager and the operations manager to ensure that all goods arrive on site in a timely manner.

Storage of Materials

Project managers will discuss suitable storage locations with the client or site manager prior to work commencing.


Network cabling installation teams understand how documentation can make or break a project.

As each phase of work is completed, ACCL provide updated drawings, schematics and method statements to the client or main contractor. Over the duration of a project a full documentation package will be achieved, this will be available to the client or main contractor at any time or upon request. Upon completion of a task comprehensive operations and maintenance schedules will be provided.

ACCL strive to maximise technological enhancements to benefit our clientele. By browsing through our case studies and testimonials you will clearly see how we have succeeding.

If you wish to discuss project management issues you can call our Freephone number 0333 9000101.